This Is A Woman's World

This Is A Woman’s World is a conceptual photographic essay which focuses on women working in traditionally male dominated fields.  The series aims to both celebrate and empower women by defying the gendered stereotypes of labor.  I believe this message is more powerful than ever in today’s climate where, despite overwhelming displays of solidarity amongst women, challenges in the working world continue to manifest. These challenges include gender pay gap, sexual harassment and abuse within the workplace, exploitation of women of color, the perpetuation of unpaid domestic work solely being female as well as a myriad of other oppressive forces working against women. 

The series also seeks to challenge the societal expectation of what a “working woman” looks like. Though models have always been used for creating idealized realities, by deliberately utilizing stereotypically attractive women, we draw attention to their femininity as well as create a strong juxtaposition against their perceived masculine roles. We thereby challenge the notion that a woman has to be plain to be strong; moreover, we acknowledge and celebrate the beauty of women in these industries—an attribute which is often perceived as detrimental to a woman in a male dominated field.