Fashion Foto Frenzy

A few weeks ago my very good and super talented friend Mackenzie flew into town for a single purpose: we were going to make some amazing images. Mackenzie ( is a super talented hair stylist and makeup artist located in Philadelphia. We met about a year and a half ago via Facebook, when she approached me about some collaboration work—having worked in the commercial and fashion industry previously, Mack had spent the last few years focusing in on her successful wedding and business but wanted to get back into some more creative work. We hit it off on our first shoot, and continued working together almost exclusively until I left the east coast.

A few months ago, Mack called me and told me she had just wrapped up the Sam McKnight Mastered program, and was really inspired to take her fashion and beauty work to the next level. She wanted to come out to visit—and to update her book with some fresh new imagery—and in short order we had a handful of models lined up for a whirlwind week of shoots.

The thing I love most about working with a good team is being able to relinquish some of the creative process to someone who can understand and interpret my ideas. Mack is no exception to this rule—I can give her a general concept, show her the model and the clothing, and she takes it and runs with it. I trust in her vision and her eye and it makes the whole process work smoothly.  She’s also not afraid to tell me when something isn’t working—and we can easily adjust to make something better than the original vision.

Over the course of 5 days, we shot 7 models, 3 editorials, and 3 designer gowns that Mack was kind enough to bring out from a favorite designer of mine back in Philly ( It was an exhausting few days, but I’m so thrilled with the work that we generated and so thankful to be working with a solid team!

(A big shout out to Kelly Bliss, my wonderful stylist, for helping pull together some of the amazing looks for our shoots, and to Latasha Hall of LuvLillie Designs for lending us her beautiful gowns!)