Workshops - NY & LA

We’re winding down the year but it’s been busier than ever over here! This last month has been a whirlwind of photo shoots, workshops, expos and road trips, splitting time between the east and west coast. Beginning in New York, I was fortunate enough to team up with the amazing Felix Kunze ( co-teaching a workshop to a group of 8 students in Felix’s Brooklyn studio. While Felix demonstrated his masterful lighting skills to our class, I took over on day 2 to teach a segment on color theory and my post-processing workflow.  A month later, we were off to LA to do it all over again at Sue Bryce’s studio (  Though I’ve been doing some one on one mentoring, this was my first foray into a formal teaching setting. If you asked me a year ago if I ever saw myself as an educator, I’d have said you were crazy—but I’ve really found it to be such a fulfilling experience and I can’t wait for the next workshop. To keep up to date on future workshop announcements, please subscribe at