This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with a lovely young lady named Corey. Corey is an architecture student in high school, but she’s got a natural talent for modeling and an amazing face for beauty.  Good thing too—the elements were not in our favor, and with horrible winter road conditions preventing my makeup artist from arriving, Corey was left to fend for herself as far as makeup goes! (Note to models—it’s always a good idea to bring some extra goodies to a shoot—makeup, hairspray, nail polish, clothes—in case of emergencies!)

Because Corey has such a great face that lends itself well to natural looks, we decided to keep everything very clean and simple. We started with some portraits with the 50mm, wide open at 1.8 with a 9-stop ND filter for that dreamy/ethereal look, and threw in some soft lighting and muted tones to compliment the natural theme. Lighting was a feathered 36” octobox to Corey’s right with a white v-flat for fill.  

Next I swapped the 50mm for a 28mm for some full body shots. I kept the settings and lighting the same initially, and put Corey first into some classic high-waisted wide leg trousers. We traded the posing stool for some awesome custom vintage inspired apple boxes made by my awesome coworker Steve (more on these later!) After a couple frames I opted to drop the v-flat fill for some more contrast since the ensemble lent itself well for slightly more dramatic lighting. We then switched up outfits and props (we used some vintage suitcases in place of the apple boxes) for a few more frames.

Just for variety, for our next couple looks we smoked up Corey’s lids with some shadow and swapped the octobox for a beauty dish for some more punchy light. We snagged a few more head and ½ shots, and then got real crazy with my cello, which we turned from a semi-permanent dust collector into a lovely prop for some more fine art type shots. Despite two years of neglect, it was miraculously still in tune.